Best astrologers

Swami Raja nand Kishore

One of the best astrologer in Bangalore, Swami Raja Nand Kishore is ready to provide consultations to needy as much as he can. He doesn’t charge a penny and is one of the most effective free astrologer.

His area of expertise include astrology yogas and providing remedies for people born under inauspicious yogas. He is a great astrologer in India who has worked religiously towards helping people get rid of the miseries caused by bad planets and their positions.

Pt. Radha Dayal ji

He is a very famous vedic astrologer of India, rather one of the best astrologers of India. Besides knowing a lot about astrology and horoscope, he is one of the top astrologers who is a master in palmistry or palm reading too.

He tells you all about the future through the lines of your hand, and all this absolutely free! He is quite an expert in financial astrology and can help you manage your expenses and investments in the right direction.

Shri Akhilesh Maharaj

Shri Akhilesh Maharaj is yet another great astrologer in Mumbai. He is a free astrologer online, who provides consultations through emails and chats. He is also a specialist of numerology and predicts your future with the help of astrology and numerology.

He is one of those famous astrologers who has made his mark in the field of astrology through his true and useful predictions and detailed horoscopes.

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Guru Ramji Sahay

Guru Ram ji Sahay, a free astrologer, has dedicated his life towards helping others through the art and knowledge of astrology. He is a top astrologer in Banglaore, who provides free lessons to others in astrology and jyotish shastra too.

He is quite an authority in gun Milan and correcting manglik dosh. He is also an expert in love astrology and helps in uniting the right partner or finding the right partner for you!

Pt. Atma Rai Vyas

Pt. Atma Rai Vyas is a great astrologer who practises moon sign astrology. He is one of the top most Indian astrologers of today.

His special interest is in mahurta astrology. Besides this, he also provides horoscope by name with detailed descriptions and predictions about your future.

He too is a free astrologer, working because he thinks he is chosen by god to help people.

Pt. Shanti Narayan

A very renowned astrologer in Mumbai, Pt. Shanti Narayan works dedicatedly towards making your life better with the help of his vedic astrology knowledge. He is one of the top astrologers who can predict the course of your life through the help of planetary positions affecting your horoscope.

He also specializes in Birth Time rectification, and provides his service through email and chat too. He is a brilliant free astrologer online!

Shri Shri Ram Charan Sharma

Shri Shri Ram C Sharma is a great astrologer in Chennai, who has gained popularity throughout India because of his great accuracy with which he can predict your future!!!  Contact him today for free consultation because he is one of the great free astrologer online!

His special areas of interest include birth date horoscope and career horoscope. He provides free consultation in financial astrology too!

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Swami Mithilesh R. Saklecha

Swami Mithilesh Saklecha is one of the most famous astrologers of India. He is also considered the best, free and most easily accessible astrologer in delhi. He is an expert in making horoscopes for new borns and providing auspicious names for the children. He is also a free astrologer online, and provides instant replies to people in need, that too free of cost.
Swami Saklecha is quite a famous astrologer for new born astrology and provides horoscope by name too!

Pt. Hari Kishan Trivedi

Pt. Hari Kishan Trivedi is one of the top astrologers of India. He learnt his jyotish shastra from one of the best astrologers, Shri Shri Shambu Nath Gupta.

Pt. Trivedi is a great vedic astrologer who makes useful, accurate and true horoscopes. He has special expertise in marriage making. This has earned him the status of one of the best astrologer in India for kundli matching.
He believes in the holy study of astrology and PROVIDES FREE CONSULTATION

Acharya Angad Ved Nath

Acharya Nath is a great scholar and astrologer. He has great knowledge about Vedas and ancient books of India. He is given a lot of respect by vedic astrologers of India.

He specializes in providing simple, easy to do, inexpensive astrological remedies to people having some faults or ‘dosh’ in their horoscopes. He is one of the best Indian astrologers to consult if you want to lessen the evil effect of planets and their positions on your life! And the best part is that he is a free astrologer, that means you don’t need to pay anything!!! His consultation is absolutely free!

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