Indian astrology

Vedic astrology is a collection of great Indian knowledge about planets in astrology and their effects on an individual. Vedic astrology is also called Indian astrology or Hindu astrology.

Basically it’s the study of all the planets in astrology. Whenever an individual is born, he is affected by the planets at the time and place of his birth. Their position really affects his life and all the important happenings. The planets can be good or bad for the individual. Indian horoscope is a detailed description of that individual’s planets and their good and bad effects.
One of the most damaging effects of the planet is that of planet Saturn. The planet Saturn can have a very dangerous effect on an individual. Sade Sati refers to a period of seven and half years where the planet Saturn is dominant in our lives. This can be very dangerous time and only jyotish vedic astrology can help us in providing remedies to lessen the negative effects of Saturn.

Vedic astrology also helps you in knowing all about your vedic ascendant. It is a horoscope where the moon and the sun are expressed. Vedic ascendant is also called Sidereal ascendant (Hindu rising sign or Niryana Lagna).

Jyotish vedic astrology can help you know all about your past, present and future. The answers to all your problems are in vedic astro, that can tell you about your good and bad times. This way, you are prepared to handle your bad times and sail through difficult and rough patches of life with confidence and optimism.

Indian astrology is also very helpful and useful in finding your soulmate. Marriage is a big decision and in order to marry, you need to know if the person is compatible to you or not. Gun Milan through Indian horoscope matching can help you know if you have found the right partner or not. Furthermore, in case of some dosh or fault in your horoscope like manglik dosha, it can help you in choosing your partner with caution. Simple, easy to do astro remedies can help you save from all the troubles. Our expert astrologers specialize in removing or lessening the effects of manglik dosha, so that you can live happily and peacefully.

We also provide the best panchang. Panchàng as the name implies in Hindi consists of five parts which are Tithi, day, yog, karan, Nakshtra.

Mahurta astrology is another form of astrology through which you can know which is the best mahurta to do something. Like for any important occasion, for example, marriage etc., we go for mahurta – i.e. the best and the auspicious time to do something important. If a good work is done in a good time, the overall result will always be good. Anything done when the planets are bad or inauspicious will not lead to good results, so it is very important to take help from mahurta astrology before doing something very important.

Besides all this, we also provide prashna kundli, providing answers to all the problems or questions that may be jumping inside your head.

Thus we see that basically vedic astrology is the key with which you can open the doors of your past, present and future !!!

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